About Us


Eminent Canvas started in March 2018 when a few friends embarked on a journey to find the most stylish canvas in the world. Our headquarters is located in the great city of Toronto, Canada. We are a small business obsessed with filling every home with beautiful wall decor.


We sell exclusive wall decor that no other company offers. We scour the world to find products that are truly unique and would make beautiful additions to your home. We also love listening to our customers and providing them with the products they are looking for.

Sustainable: By producing products locally across, we help reduce waste and carbon emissions, while supporting local business and communities.

Canvas Personalization: Offer our customers designs which they can personalize directly in our online store.

Faster Delivery: Reach your customers faster through our network of 100+ local print hubs in 33 countries, including the US, Canada, the UK, New Zealand, Germany, and Russia.

Do We Donate to Charity?

Because of the support of our customers, we are able to give back to charities we care about.  These include UNICEF Canada and Domestic Violence Hotline  - to name a few.

We have favourite charities yes, but we love them all.  Help us reach our donation goals by shopping with us  We donate 10% of all sales to many different charities.

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